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Loves Pure Light is a company based out of Calgary, Canada which provides apparel, culinary and floral services all over the world. We are dedicated to the creation of quality hand-dyed silk apparel for men and women. We also host creative gyms which focus on the three schools of creativity: fashion, floral and food.

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About Cydney

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Fashion without culture is just clothes


Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks is a Canadian Birthed Business built upon promise.  Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith says: “Some may call me an "extremist…. But... I just call myself one who is on a passionate pursuit. "For the proof of your desire is in your pursuit!” Cydney grew up in Cedar Springs Ontario, Canada. She is a former three time Canadian National Champion cyclist and National Team member competing at the World level for ten years. Though Cydney is professionally trained as a chef, florist and sommelier, her passion and creativity overflowed into prophetic fashion design in 2011. Cydney was hungry for something more… something radically tangible for her generation that could shift atmospheres and cultures to experience the light. The motivation for all of her work is simply to bring art back to its original form: To love the creator of beauty itself. Cydney believes we can give the world an encounter of great love and truth by what we cover ourselves with each and every day! Though true beauty comes from the inside out, Clothes are simply a vehicle, an influence and great conversation piece.

Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks was established in 2012, Cydney came up with a Kingdom Couture fashion because she was tired of seeing all the confusing junk people are wearing and the transient messages expressed. “Why does the world want to cover itself with skulls and darkness? I just got tired of wearing someone else’s name and nothing made sense to me” Cydney’s creative thoughts were: “Why can’t we have a heavenly couture line where people, cultures are completely transformed by the clothes because of the beautiful presence that they carry?  I want to create a SUPERNATURAL Clothing line! THE REALITY IS CLOTHES MEAN NOTHING UNLESS SOMEONE IS LIVING INSIDE OF THEM!”   So Cydney had a silly idea back in 2011 and began to splash all of her silk clothes with rich colors and promise, words that would affirmyour identity in this world.   “You should be wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. Fashion without culture is just clothes. We live in a culture that radiates pure love and light! So.... lets create it!”

Each one of Cydneys silks is an original hand painted design she has created in Canada. The silks are now produced by our worldwide team. Each silks has a promise inscribed on it and a story behind the promise on the garment.  When you sow into a Loves Pure Light promise: You are sowing into your very own destiny. Each Loves Pure Light Silk declares truth, identity, royalty.  A loves Pure Light silk will be a gift that keeps giving. It will be forever. Because a promise is forever.

 Cydney believes in creating opportunities of a lifetime for lifetime of opportunities. Loves Pure Light has been able to help support and continue to help men, women and children who have been involved in trafficking and unsafe lifestyles worldwide { not just the third world } .  Loves Pure Light Vision is to provide an income and healthy steps to change for long life. Loves Pure Light shines gateways of hope and new beginnings; strategically fanning gifts into flame. We welcome any opportunity to impart and inspire the nations with gifts and skills required for an abundant life. At Loves Pure Light we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. We celebrate what others are contributing to the world and we recognize how their work influences us. The Creative Class is not elitist. We aspire to beauty and we celebrate progress. Currently we are sourcing and contributing to our global teams in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and India.


Designer and Artist Cydney Mariel Galbraith currently travels to various nations sharing her story, this business venture and most excitedly teaching and imparting the gift of prophetic textile and other creative workshops. Cydney has various audiences where she shares her gift and secret about creating prophetic clothes and her passion is to activate others to be the change they long to see. To find out more or to book a creative workshop with Cydney, please Contact Cydney at :

Each one of my silk garments are 100% silk  splashed and hand painted with truth and Identity. .

Cydney in her Cycling days as a professional Athlete for Canada

Cydney in her Cycling days as a professional Athlete for Canada

To book Cydney for Floral design click above for more

To book Cydney for Floral design click above for more

To find out more about Cydney and to book for Culinary, click picture

To find out more about Cydney and to book for Culinary, click picture