90cm x 90cm

Thick 100% 12mm satin silk


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100 % Silk Charmeuse Shawl

90cm x 90cm

Apples of Gold in settings of Silver

Robe your self in rich royalty with this eloquent rich silk. can be worn as a cover up or also as a scarf 

This is a thicker weave of very soft "luxe" silk it shimmers gold and silver

Original design hand painted by Cydney. Limited edition 1 in stock.

About this Loves Pure Light Luxury Silk hand painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith:

This is a silk created of apples of Gold. It was originally designed for the United Nations 70th anniversary in Geneva November 2015. Today the original art now is held. Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket and that is something to remember that the faithfulness of God is never late but on time when we need wisdom. Above all gain wisdom and understanding .The beginning of wisdom: Get wisdom! Get understanding before anything else. May you embrace the spirit of wisdom. May apples of gold appear in your life as you press in for more. This is a golden silk mantle which you have been crowned to wear.


Promise inscribed is

" A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver"