"WHERE YOUR TREASURE IS" ExclusiveTechnicolor Dream Coat (Kimono)

"WHERE YOUR TREASURE IS" ExclusiveTechnicolor Dream Coat (Kimono)


.... There your heart will be also...... this is a   100% 14mm STRETCH silk satin hand painted KIMONO "From the top of your head to the tip of your toes pure beauty surrounds everywhere that you go!" Exclusively made for The Tiffany Pratt   1 available

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This is a silk scarf and a hand painted kimono I designed inspired by Tiffany Pratt :  “ For where your treasure is there your heart will be...  also”


I had the honor of meeting Tiffany Pratt last August 2016 at a Canadian Trade show, where this wonderful woman of color approached my booth and blessed me with encouragement – her many words of Love love love and “Keep on making this world a brighter place!”


Have you met tiffany before? Well Tiffany Pratt is a whole hearted designer. She demonstrates this from the inside out. Tiffany inspired me and I wanted to create a super funky silk textile that would really bless her heart for all she gives to the world.

My words to describe Tiffany Pratt (if this is possible, because she is so authentically unique and special),  ok…is that this unique  beauty inside of her becomes the beauty outside of her. It is quite evident that everything she releases to this world comes directly from her heart!  She has a set of supernatural keys that unlock gifts for people to experience living color.


This silk – “for where your treasure is there your heart will be also” Is a life-giving, magical, bright and sunny hand painted textile full of colors of the rainbow for her.


  Tiffany Pratt;    “From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, pure beauty surrounds everywhere you go!”  


When you wear this piece of art, remind yourself – there is beauty in your heart, you have the power to unlock it and let it shine before the world! So let it loose, go for it and hold nothing back! The kingdom inside of you becomes the kingdom outside of you! (Tiffany is kingdom of color and life J) The print It is oceans deep, full of hidden treasures, crowns, jewels, mermaids, and unique life sources you will have to dig deep on the garment to find the many pleasures and treasures.


Ok that’s it… keep on lovin in living color… xxoo Cydney