Hand Painted Original Flourishing Magnolia Flowers in their fullest bloom.

100% Silk Satin

110 cm x 200 cm 

Very Large Prophetic Cape / Shawl.



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When a flower is in full bloom: Then it is in its glory. When you wear this luxury silk you too will experience glory.

When a luxurious magnolia blossom is about to bud, it is one of natures most magnificent processes. 

This is a 100% 12mm Silk Satin Hand Painted Prophetic Shawl/ Cape

110cm x 200cm 

It can be wrapped many ways because the size is so large. 

One of our first models was a New Zealand Candidate, no we dont judge the curls or excess shagg, but she:  who won our search for NZ next top model in 2015.  { Shown in the picture}

The promise inscribed on this silk is Arise and Shine, for YOUR light has come! The Glory is among you!  

Be blessed supernaturally as you wear this elegant art.