The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want

100% Silk Satin Coat of many Colors


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About this Loves Pure Light Luxury Silk hand painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith: This is a painting I designed of my New Zealand Sheep and Llamas wearing my luxury silk scarves. Promoting silk over wool. In 2015 I spent in New Zealand with the sheep as my models I thought it would be a unique way to promote healthyself image and identity for my generation by using real live sheep rather then people as my modeling candidates. So... I did! I dressed up the sheep in my silks!  We must remember that God is our Shepherd and he has promised to take good care of us, he crafted us beautiful inside out  . We should not want to be like another or envy another's curls for God created us perfect! Just the way he wanted to. He has entrusted you with this Royal Robe of Righteousness, a coat of many colors.  See below for the prophetic poem about this textile art.

Loves Pure Light: Bahama Lama Sheep Prima donna a poem by Cydney Mariel Galbraith

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

He lays me down ripe green pastures.

There is no need to flaunt.

He leads me beside still waters.

His safe palm frees me from haunt.

His Rod and staff bring me world class comfort with the skin I am in.

There is no more need to hide out in this bulky wool.

 It makes me feel tubby, I used to spend hours with the scrubby

I would come out with curls that made me look so chubby.

I thank my shepherd for Loves Pure Light silk, is is a luxurious fashion heirloom.

I said I wouldn’t look back… but in the past, for me to brush this damn shag, I had to use the broom!

He has taken my old shags and sheered them into riches

I now four step alive and free in this pure silk robe of royal righteousness.

I stick out my chest for the heaven scent I am in. Oh it smells delicious!

My Shepherd makes me feel like his Princess.


This luxurious silk gown interwoven with gold.

I’m now sipping Dom Perignon as the Kings and Queens of old!

My Shepherd intrusted me with this new coat of many colors

My hooves trot the talk.

Praise God he undid my hair knots!

 This beauty battle is already fought!

 Truth is to learn how to follow this Shepherd, it is caught and not taught.


I am now belted up with a leather girdle of truth.

No need to run my feet are fitted with peace this is living proof

Baby these hips don’t lie, no fear here to eat a French fry.

Go ahead eat two… the ones who are jealous well they can only moo.

Majestic mountains rich with game, I will tell you my shepherd has universal fame!

He has crowned my head with everlasting joy.

Don’t look twice my shepherd IS the real McCoy!

I am adorned with the armor of Loves Pure Light

For with him is the fountain of life: In your light I see light!

Loves Pure Light these hooves strut the good fight.

Shepherds delight, oh you Bahama Lama you’re a sheep Prima Donna