A Promise Is Forever

100% Silk Satin Charmeuse Shawl


90cm x 160cm

The design is Hand Painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith 

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This is a 100% Silk Charmeuse/ Satin Shawl

90cm x 160cm

12MM thickness of Satin

Full of Bounty and Jubilee color and promise. It is a Silk of Great treasure! Full of Bounty and Jubilee color and promise. It is a Silk of Great treasure! Diamond rings, roses, gems, rainbows covenant ring, many precious finds are hidden in this silk shawl

It was hand Painted for Patricia King, Leader of X-treme Prophetic Ministries International. By Cydney Mariel Galbraith in 2014 before a trip to Phnom Penh , Cambodia . It is now produced with our team overseas to ensure quality and detail.

 Each and every detail was designed to represent Patricia King, the Everlasting Love she releases to multitudes, but better and all that she brings to this world. Patricia is more then just a mother, mighty woman full of passion , presence and perseverance! So grateful for this wonderful woman of God and I wanted to design a silk fashion piece that would honor her with Gods promise, for all that she is and brings to the nations. The flavors and very colors and riches all in one live it large Fashion piece.

Wear it as a scarf , wrap or bless another with a gift full of promise and Identity.

About this Loves Pure Light Luxury Silk hand painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith:

This is a silk I created to be full of bounty, jubilee , color and promise. It is an anointed silk mantle of great treasure and promise. I designed and hand painted glamorous diamond and covenant rings, rich clusters of garden roses, gems and rare jewels, radical rainbows of faithfulness! Each and every detail on this silk was to represent the everlasting love of the Father God to you: his bright and beautiful Bride. For you are a mighty woman. You are full of passion , presence and perseverance. May you experience new heights of heavenly flavors, colors heights and depths of his great love and promise over your life. He is rebuilding you with stones of turquoise, foundations of lapis lazul, battlements of rubies, gates of sparkling jewels,  all of your walls of precious stones. May you experience new realms and dimensions of his faithfulness in your life.

The promise inscribed is:

" For I have made and Everlasting Covenant with you. I will never stop doing good to you"