Pure Love is An Everlasting Covenant

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Has anyone ever called you their best friend? How does that make you feel? Personally, I take as an honor, but I also feel this pressure/question on the inside. I feel this need to figure out what I did to become your best friend and what I have to do in order to uphold that title in our friendship. I don’t know about you, but I fear that I might let this person down or not be able to meet their needs. When I hang out with someone, I have this knowledge on the inside that we’re friends, but as soon as someone labels it “best friend” ALL these insecurities rise up inside me. 

    Whenever you’re given a title in relationship with other humans, there are things you must uphold in order to maintain the title. If I’m a son to my parents, I need to obey what they ask of me and honor who they are to me. If I am a brother to my siblings there are certain times I need to protect them and love them. As a student, I must do the homework the teacher assigns me. As a boyfriend or husband, I have to show love and faithfulness to one person. 

    Why is it that we feel these underlying expectations and pressures in relationship with people? The way we are made as humans causes there to be some type of covenant that bonds each relationship we have. Covenant is defined as: An agreement. Some of those agreements are simple (I’m the son, you’re the father.) Some are more complex (I’m the husband, you’re the wife. I will love you and be faithful to you until I die. I will provide for you and make sure you not only survive, but thrive.)

    Depending on how deep you want a relationship to be you can make the covenant more or less specific. The way I was raised caused me to know I not only wanted to be the son to my mom and dad, but I wanted to be their friend. I wanted to be someone who they saw fit to carry on their family legacy. In Marriage you have the choice whether to make your covenant one that simply says, “I will stay with you forever” Or you can make it a covenant that says, “I will love you forever. I will be faithful to you forever. I will provide for you forever. I will lay down my life if it means your dreams can come true.”

    There is a covenant that has been made between me and someone else. A covenant that I didn’t have any choice whether or not to agree with it, but a covenant I don’t have to stay faithful to. It’s like any other relational covenant. I have a choice whether or not I will uphold my side of the covenant. I have a choice of how deep and meaningful I want that covenant to be.

     I was born into this covenant. This covenant is between my maker and I. He has called me His own. He brought me into relationship with Him such a relationship where He provides for me as a father for His child, He loves me as a groom would His bride, and protects me as an army protects a nation. I don’t know what type of beginning you believe brought the world into existence, but the way I see lit is like this: We were all created by one creator. At the beginning of time this creator had a dream. A dream of family multiplied across the earth. The only way he could do that was to make a creation in His image that He could build covenant relationships with. He didn’t just want creature, he didn’t just want friends, he wanted sons and daughters. People He could give His love to and receive love from.

    How was your family when you were being raised? Was your family a group of people that made you feel loved or rejected? Did your family make you feel surrounded or secluded? Did your dad do things for you that made you feel like a princess or do you not remember having a father at all? 

    Whether or not you felt cherished by family, we always have an opportunity to come into family. This is the covenant that I was saying that I was born into, is available to you as well. It’s almost as if there is this covenant written out like in document form with a blank line just waiting for you to sign your name. Would you believe it if I said there was someone out there that wants to provide for you? A father who wants you to feel safe and protected? A friend who wants to take away your loneliness. I believe there is. As a matter of fact I know there is…

This covenant I'm talking about is one that lasts forever. It never goes void. There is someone that can and wants to love you. Not for just a time, but forever.

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