About Our Luxury Silks

The silks that we currently use are 8mm silk chiffon or 12mm silk charmeuse/satin. Each piece is specific to the silk design. These are of the highest quality in the world and sourced from different regions of the world.  Use your Loves Pure Light silk scarf to dance with, wrap as a prayer shawl,  wear as a fluffy fashion silk or tie someone up and tell them just how much you love them!  You can view the pictures on our site for ideas. We like our silks to be very large as they can go very far with what they can be used for! Our silk material is stunning and is the highest quality material in the world.The silks are all machine hand rolled with a unique colored edge which gives very intricate detail that you will not commonly see.  Each one of Loves Pure Light silk pieces are unique, one of a kind original hand painted designs by Cydney Mariel Galbraith now reproduced by a team of World changers here in Canada, and overseas. All of our sewing is done in Auckland New Zealand.  At Loves Pure Light we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. We celebrate what others are contributing to the world and we recognize how their work influences us. The Creative Class is not elitist. We aspire to beauty and we celebrate progress.

The process is specific for each design. Each silk has been saturated with colors life and promise and you will receive with each silk a story of pure love behind each unique piece. Please read each silk carefully as they all have a very authentic process of the hands and feet involved in each piece of artwork. 

Thank you for Partnering with us to create opportunities of a lifetime for a lifetime of opportunities. For distribution partnership with us please Contact Cydney@lovespurelight.ca . A Loves Pure Light Promise Is Forever.


Care of your Loves Pure Light Luxury silk

1. Store your silk scarf away from direct sunlight. Roll the scarf to prevent creasing rather than folding it or simply stuffing it into a drawer. If you are storing your silk scarf for long periods of time, take it out every six months to allow air to circulate around the silk. As a natural fiber, silk needs to breathe.

2. Protect your scarf from harsh chemicals and heat. Too much direct sunlight will fade the colors. Harsh chemicals, such as perfume sprayed on your scarf, may cause spotting or even cause the silk fibers to deteriorate. High temperatures will often cause the fibers to shrink. Do not ever put a silk scarf in the dryer.

3. Keep your silk scarf dry. Prolonged exposure to dampness or water will start to stretch and damage the silk fibers. Hand-washing in warm water with a gentle detergent will not damage the fabric as long as there are no embellishments and the scarf is not twisted or agitated in the process. To dry a Loves Pure Light silk scarf, gently press them between two layers of a dry towel. Do not twist or wring it out.

4. Iron a wrinkled or creased scarf while damp. Use a low heat setting so that the steam will gently press out all creases. Hang silk scarves indoors to dry to prevent damage from the sun and wind.

 Picture taken from Cambodia 2014

Picture taken from Cambodia 2014

We Love Testimonies of Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks!

 "I grew up knowing the thermal properties of Silk, how it doesn’t conduct heat – keeping the body very warm - and its ability to absorb moisture making it also wonderfully cool to wear in summer.

Since owning Loves Pure Light silk chiffon scarf, “always a well-watered garden” I have searched for it on days I need some warmth and comfort round my neck. Whether it is that I literally have a sore throat and need its healing properties, or need its comfort and reminder of this sweet promise to me inscribed on its edge"You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail"

I now own my second piece of Loves Pure Light – the more dramatic “Beauty in its time”

"I love wearing this as a bit of a statement over a plain black outfit"

‘He has made everything beautiful in its time – he has set eternity in the hearts of all’    Sara -Marie Sanvicens, Loves Pure Light Customer. Auckland , New Zealand