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Loves Pure Light is a company based out of Calgary, Canada which provides apparel, culinary and floral services all over the world. We are dedicated to the creation of quality hand-dyed silk apparel for men and women. We also host creative gyms which focus on the three schools of creativity: fashion, floral and food.



Are you inspired by the silk textile designs by Cydney? Why not consider to host a silk painting workshop with Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks. We come prepared to splash the colors! We bring everything you need.... except the people and venue. Have a peek here below for details. Loves Pure Light has hosted Prophetic Silk painting Workshops globally in Canada, USA, New Zealand. Lets color the nations together through divine design! We bring heaven above down to earth below!

Develop your creativity.

Loves Pure Light Creative workshops provide inspirational tools, including training, coaching and team building. Our vision is to help individuals, creative entrepreneurs and companies succeed in their lives, families and professional worlds. Everyone is welcome and no previous art experience is required! Creative gyms are designed to help you: Gain confidence, play and have fun, relax & de-stress, connect with like-minded creatives, renew spirit soul and body.

 FRONT- LINE Fashion

                           Fashion and Finesse - Hands-on design your own luxury silk shawl creative workshop


I came to one of Loves Pure Light creative gyms during my chemo therapy. It was a significant time of trial. At the creative gym, the group all got together and released prayer and healing over me as I created this day. It was unexpected but I felt the love and power of this creative community touch my soul. I left the creative gym not just with a beautiful piece of art I created but I felt different inside out. Two weeks after I went into the doctor ... The doctor said there was no trace of cancer. It is now one year later and I am fully set free from Cancer. I am so thankful for taking this leap of faith , to step outside of my self and come create supernaturally with the team at Loves Pure Light!”
— Maria , Calgary Alberta Canada

This is our latest video promo of our creative gym while in Orewa, New Zealand with the Illuminate team! This was a church specific event and what a special day this was. Each radical designer on our dream team hand painted a prophetic silk this day! Our Creative Gyms are uniquely detailed depending on the audience we are bringing together.