Presentation for Maria Jan 2017

Presentation for Maria Jan 2017


Hello Maria, here are pictures of all of the pieces I have put together for you for January 2017. As you requested I have put more smaller silks then the larger sized silks.

I will ship them to you to arrive by Jan 1, 2017. I have included everything on the invoice. Lets talk when you are able! Such a blessing to of met you and have my work in your lovely store

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I will ship them to you to arrive by Jan 1, 2017. I have included everything on the invoice-- Here are pictures of everything on the invoice--  I have about two pictures for each design. As I have said I do have about 7 different smaller silk designs - long and skinny and the 65cm x 65cm squares- this is what you were more keen on.


Pictures as I have attached for you above and also if you wanted to use for your advertising.


Long and skinny silks 5 different designs pc @ $30   

Small Square Pc silks 65cm x 65cm   2 different designs pc @ 25.00 , $30.00

Larger shawls ( hearts, cathedral ceiling, pineapple, sheep prima donna, turquoise bleeding hearts, diamond rings) these are all at roughly $75-80/pc

Everlasting Covenant blouse x 1 pc OS @ $110/pc

Cathedral Ceiling blouse 1 pc OS @ $110pc

Golden fluted top 1 pc OS  @ 80pc


I put everything together on an invoice for you to see laid out. I put that I would have them delivered to you beginning of January and cash on delivery is fine. I will pay for shipping, or Vickie will deliver them. We will get them to you to jazz up the front of your store!

If there is anything you wanted to change,  or want to take off please  let me know I can adjust as well. The longer and skinnier silks  will be something I will work on new designs specific for you over the holidays when I get back into my studio in Calgary, Canada!


Once again thank you so dearly. Cydney 530-339-6688




In my next email I will send some pictures you may use for your flyer or advertising the 100% pure silk hand painted scarves ( with also silk has healing properties too good for the health helps with sore throats when you wear a silk scarf around your neck!




Ok Maria... be so blessed and once again such an honor to of met you. I do look forward to doing business and seeing the success that will come from your beautiful new store!


Be in touch, and bless you heaps.... Cydney