Restoring Identity in a creative bride . Designer Cydney shares her story of the Bride with her hand painted wedding gown saturated in color and promise.


Fashion without a culture of HOPE is just clothes.

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A super natural clothing line. A heavenly perspective.

 Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith founded Love's Pure Light in 2012. Each hand crafted royal garment combines the supernatural power of declaration, promise and identity with the timeless elegance of luxury silk. “ I just love to give, but give a gift with worth and a forever value to it. I paint promises to you on each one of my luxury garments. I want my generation to understand the power in ones identity”



As a  professionally trained chef, florist and former three time Canadian National Cycling Champion Cydney applies the same passion, pursuit of excellence and tenacity towards beauty that makes Love's Pure Light luxury garments known for its high quality, uplifting designs.

 “Some may call me an extremist…. but... I just call myself one who is on a passionate pursuit. For the proof of your desire is in your pursuit! what is the best thing about an adventure? YOU NEVER GET LOST”

Cydney grew up in Cedar Springs North Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She trained as a chef for three years at George Brown Culinary Institute in Toronto, Canada and worked in French cuisine and famous wineries in Vineland Ontario, Canada. She then went on to study horticulture and international floral design with Jane Packer London, United Kingdom, her favorite place of inspiration the Royal Chelsea flower show. Cydney  Her passion and creativity overflowed into prophetic fashion design in 2011. The motivation for all of her work is simply to bring art back to its original form: To love and WORSHIP the creator of beauty itself and that we would be living expressions (from the inside out) of promise! “My designs are simple beauty and fashions that will be forever. My designs minister to your heart first. When your heart feels good. YOU JUST LOOK GOOD TOO!”

Cydney believes we can give the world the greatest love encounter by what we cover ourselves with each and every day. We get to express ourselves each and everyday by what we wear. Clothing is an opportunity to speak a love language only you can express in your own unique way.


  “You should be wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. The reality is clothes mean nothing unless someone is living inside of them. When your heart feels good, YOU feel good…you just look good too! My garments minister to your heart and fashion you from the inside-out. Fashion without a culture of hope is just clothes ( boring and wasteful). We live in an ecosystem with a tangibility that radiates pure love life light. This is the essence of heaven itself! I create what we want to see and express it through my forever designs ! You can manifest your reality through activating your creative identity in my luxury garments.



All of our garments are 100% pure silk harvested from different regions of the world. Cydney also has launched a luxury lambs leather collection 2019 where she supports a team of young men overseas. Love’s Pure light has visited many third world nations including Asia, Southeast Asia and the pacific islands working and teaching men and women how to work with silk and textile design. But above all Cydneys heart and backbone of inspration is to see healthy change in our youth, women and men and need in our glorious nation CANADA. Cydney and her Love's Pure Light team have been able to help support and continue to help men, women and children who have been involved in trafficking and provide them an income and a way out. This is our continued vision - to empower multitudes out of unsafe life situations. Love's Pure Light aims to shine gateways of hope and new beginnings. We give people the opportunity of a life time for a life time of opportunities.

We welcome partnerships to impart and inspire the nations gifts and skills required for life. Love's Pure Light luxury silks has helped establish several micro businesses and support to several global non profit teams monthy. To find out more information or partner with us please email us via the contact button or direct at