Head Lifted High- Feet with A beat

Head Lifted High- Feet with A beat


Head lifted high... feet with a beat

100% pure 14mm Silk Satin Prophetic Cape

90cm x 160cm

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This is a 100% pure 14mm silk satin prophetic cape

90cm x 160cm

Hand painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith

About this silk created by designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith:

About this Love’s Pure Light Luxury Silk hand painted by Cydney Mariel Galbraith: This silk was a series of expressive Giraffescollectively put together into one big wild about you silk fashion art. You will see Giraffes wearing shoes with wings (feet with a beat) Giraffes with heads lifted high in the mountain tops and a unique print of Giraffes adorned with royal crowns. As you wear this Loves Pure Light Luxury silk- be reminded you are like these Giraffes. Your head is lifted high. You are crowned witheverlasting joy and you have been planted on firm ground. The beauty you carry is outstanding. Don't forget those bating luxe eyelashes of a Giraffe! Oh to have the eyelashes of a Giraffe!  Oh the beauty in a Giraffe! How it chews among the high trees! It lives so free! Those legs!  What a print they have! This hand painted silk has the hidden promise inscribed "head lifted high. Feet with a beat"

Declare it wear it and share it.

                                                                             Because a promise is forever