This is a hand painted luxury shawl saturated in promises and destiny. It was done as a blessing Israel heirloom. It will be forever. Full of color and life and beauty of this happy happy holy City: JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. ( but can represent any city your heart may beat for!) comes with a passionate poem expressing love and life to the guest who will be adorned in this statement shawl.

Luxury hand painted forever silk shawl

140 cm x 180 cm

Mammoth in size, may be styled numerous ways or worn as a wrap

Silk / modal blend

ultrathin fabric

Fray edge

Hand painted original artwork designed on pure silk by Cydney Mariel Galbraith

The art is now re-produced for production by Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks Canada team

Inspired by a promise. Promise is inscribed. Because a promise is forever.

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This is a collectors heirloom silk shawl. Hand painted by Cydney for the most precious Nation : ISRAEL.

The original now hangs in the heart of Israel, Jerusalem

There is a poem for Israel on the pc written by Cydney.

This is an exclusive pc a blessing to the holy land from Canada. Enjoy! Two color waves this pc pictured is in FUSCHIA

Oh, this happy city this happy place this is the one single place my heart falls into its pace. A city of pure love a nation of pure color. No matter where you are from, here you have a space. Israel oh the nation with a blueprint birthed from above.

Jerusalem OH Jerusalem my Jerusalem! There is so much love, so much flavor, some come here to meet their Savior! Oh, and in that you will find such favor! Oh, the riches and treasures, a city full of heavenly pleasures! I must remind you; you have sown with a good measure! From the beginning to the end it's been.This way these promises over you, never change Your people will never be put to shame, you are the apple of Gods eye. From the desert to the endless sea. Shores of Egypt to the eastern hills, this love will forever be a resting place for ALL to be.

The earth and sky tremble at your will. Wake up and call on the name of the Lord Weak be made strong, you have been restored. Oh, the darkness is made light. Oh, your kingdom is now in sight - wait, Love's pure light will shine so BRIGHT. Your faith a destiny has fought the good fight!

A victory already won for God really did send his one and only son . Pass through oh pass through the gates. Every stumbling block has been removed. Your vision to see clear now has been improved! Your passing through, here they come two by two! You have been fitted with brand new shoes!

Can you spot the dancing beavers? I told you these Canadians they are whole hearted believers! Lord God of Israel arise. Consume us now with Your fire Every people and tribe. Mountains of Israel surely come alive! It's time to bring forth sweet new wine. From this moment now to the end of time Spirit pouring from all around shifting, uplifting every frown- to a restored bride in a pure white wedding gown! Living waters flowing now they're raining down The day of love in this happy place, this joyful city is at hand, oh look our now Canadian’s are in town!

Can you hear the voice in the desert calling?
Prepare the way, yes, make way! The way for the Lord. Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. Come like a mighty lion roar with Your glory and Your fire this is my hearts deepest desire! Come now with Your power, bloom like a desert flower .

Bo Yeshua Mishecheynu, Your people want to see You.The darkness is light, Oh Your kingdom is now in sight. We receive the reward; we have fought the good fight! Israel oh you Happy Place, you holy city of pure love! Rejoice Oh Israel Rejoice Oh Israel! Blow the trumpet in Zion Sound it on the mountain for this moment in time truly is when this city of pure love will shine and open wide the eyes of the blind.