"LOVES EPICURE"   GET FRESH WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7,  5:30 - 8:30 PM , 1414,  26th Street SW, Calgary  

Experience a Prophetic Culinary Adventure with Loves Pure Light as we educate on olive oil and balsamic vinegar .  Cydney will go through an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting. This will be a “salad” seminar where we create our own salad dressings and introduce some hearty vegetables to “decorate” and shape into something beautiful! This will include a demo, handouts and experimentation with a few bountiful international salads I will prepare for you! Lebanese Fattoush, Salad Niçoise, and Caprese salad. Bring a mason jar and a small tupperware container to bring home some samples. Yes! You will be fed here and leave with some treasures! This class will give you a chance to explore its amazing array of flavors and you will learn to create simple and flavor full nutritious dishes that will trigger your own culinary expression with high quality ingredients. Gluten free and dairy free is welcome, Come fearless, curious and ready to have your palate stimulated! Cost is $60 or partner with a friend for $100. There will be some hands on in this course, mostly demo as current venue is limited in kitchen space.

LOVES ALLURE" WEDNESDAY JANUARY 14TH 5:30-8:30pm CREATE A PROPHETIC HAND PAINTED SILK !   Wednesday January 14th 5:30pm-8:30pm "Paint it out loud"

Create a Prophetic hand painted silk shawl with me. We will be creating a large dance silk. Last month we did scarves, this month we will be creating a bigger shawl and working with lightweight china silk for much different effect on the silk. These will be silks big enough to dance with, or simply wear as a fluffy scarf.  Cost is $120 includes silk paints and tools. 50% Down payment required ahead of time for product order. See site link

"LOVES FLEUR" WEDNESDAY JANUARY 21 5:30-8:30PM Floral Arranging Creative Party, Wednesday January 21  5:30pm-8:30pm  

“That’s a Mora Flora” Create a hand Tied fresh floral bouquet with me! Bring your favorite vase and we will fill it with rich buttery bulging roses and fresh fragrant flowers that will freshen up your home! You will go home with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Create a stunning arrangement. I will be educating on a few different blooms and techniques about basic floral design. I will send off a confirmation email about the suggested vase to bring for the design we will be creating. If you own clippers please bring also.  Cost is $60 or bring a friend / two people for $100!   There will be a break halfway for dinner/snack.

Link to register for events:

Studio address is: #1414 26th Street SW, Calgary. Closet intersection is Bow trail and 26th Street . The studio is in the basement so you will have to park around back. At the left side of the house there is an alley way and wood gate. You will see a grey car parked. Parking is on the street in front or in the back. The house is marine blue. Text or call if you have any problems 403-615-6588

Please I invite you to send this email  to whom you feel would like to come experience and unlock the heavenly creativity living inside. 2015 COME ALIVE!  It is time to shine!

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