New Zealand Eggs

This is a poem I wrote this morning . I am just so in love. With New Zealand.  Eggs that is
I have met a gentleman a professional Poet Mr Rodney Hickman he has inspired me to write. .

I hope I can inspire a good breakfast.


I love New Zealand eggs, they really are the perfect food, ...
I love these eggs they're just so dang good,
I love them scrambled with some sausage and beans,
Try them just fried, Peter n Levi here lick the pan clean!
I personally love over easy, and sunny side up,
I love huevos rancheros, baby, thats hot.
I love them with chorizo,
I love them still with Canadian ham,
I love them with bacon,
And maybe even love them with spam?
I love them hard boiled,
A little bit hard,
I love them on salads,
With a crispy swiss chard.
I just love New Zealand eggs seasoned with pepper and salt,
i'm just so crazy about These eggs it isn't my fault.
You wouldn't believe the yolks yellow hue
I love that buttery soft texture it melts with every chew
I am not not a woman that's so hard to please,
Just serve me some New Zealand eggs, and i get weak in the knees.Yes Please.