Xtreme Music Interview


Music and art are beautiful gifts, God-given to every son and daughter.

God has created us in His image and fullness. We were created for worship, for love, and multiplication. We were created to live in freedom from anything of the world that would try to restrain us. God’s desire is that the whole Earth would be filled with the wondrous knowledge and Glory of God’s goodness to all mankind. Eternity is set in the hearts of all mankind. He promises to make everything beautiful in its time. No matter what the process may look like. We are His “handi-work”. We are His masterpiece: we are a Masters’-piece! Through these times I believe the greatest tool we have is being able to express ourselves through Kingdom Creativity. Worship music and art.

Our spirit is connected to God through Jesus Christ: Jesus has given us the promised Holy Spirit. Though we don’t know what to say at times, we have the Holy Spirit, the counselor, who will lead us into activating this gift of God within us. Fanning into flame the manifest passion of creativity is one of the healthiest ways that we can experience healing and forgiveness in tangible ways. God has given us all a heart, it is His art, in our heart. “He-art” = His “art” inside of my heart. It needs to be released and unlocked.

Art and music are a definite way that we can experience healing and forgiveness. Music opens up the floodgates and thrills the very heart of our Daddy! Our spirits experience healing, salvation, and deliverance when we are actually able to sing our own song of deliverance. We will reach a greater realm of glory when we are able to dance our own dance of healing! We will reach the highest form of forgiveness when we are able paint our own picture of forgiveness. No one can sing your song better then you can sing it yourself! When I say “singing your song”, this may mean splashing color on a canvas – or it very well may mean singing and clapping as you climb that mountain shouting and claiming your healing! I believe this is healing through creativity, sound, and visual arts once we are able to birth through the trial, error, and perseverance with a diligent spirit to want to express the transforming power alive inside of us. This is a beautiful thing. No one said giving birth was clean and quiet – for we know when a baby is born – the mother goes through pain and agony, but God is not a god who brings to the moment of birth and not bring delivery! We must enable God to come in, trust Him that He has blessed us since the beginning to express ourselves as a way of releasing what He has planted inside of us.

There is positivity that music has on our world. The world needs us as God’s supernatural pillars of healing and forgiveness. Vocal or non-vocal when we can release the manifest presence of Jesus and the Kingdom of God – which holds the most purest form of Love. This is healing, there is healing in His presence. It’s not our prayers that heal, it’s His presence. In the presence there is absolute joy and wholeness. We should feel beautiful in His presence and feel free to make music and release the sounds of Heaven. When our spirits can touch this wholeness, we become whole. Every time God speaks, it is creating something new. There is always a new sound and a new song being released. Freely to create and freely to forgive. Freedom to heal. Music fills the courts of Heaven as heavenly beings praise our Lord and Creator. When God created the world, the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy.

As life givers we need to keep the airwaves thickened with God’s purity and wholeness. Painting the walls with his wondrous, colorful promises of truth, plus health and healing that can come from within when we use our very own hands.

Through music our receptive responses can open to receive God’s love. It opens up our spirit to create and discover things about ourselves and the beauty of how God created us. Personally, I did not want to paint on canvas. I wanted to paint on silk garments and elegant clothes, I wanted to paint alive God’s spoken promises. Silk is a pure and natural material, a forever fashion heirloom that will turn heads from its glimmering radiance. The power in God’s spoken word are spirit, and they give Life. We need to be His life-givers and multiplying His truth, no matter what it may look like. My fashion garments have God’s promises saturated in and on them. Anyone wearing one of Loves Pure Light promise inspired prayer shawls or silk “pure in heart” blouses will experience the tangible presence of Jesus love and truth crafted in each item. Wearing a silk blouse or a prayer shawl that is daily reminding you of Psalm 91: “He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart”. Or Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord rises upon you!” They will also thicken the airwaves where they travel in the “promise saturated garment” and turn heads when one is able to visually read the promise of eternity. His words are our sword, and they are bathed in the blood of Christ to set captives free. This is just a visual but boldly silent strategy that can thwart the paralyzing lies of the enemy. I want my artwork to release freedom, expression, color, and the vibrant purity that comes from the eternal promises of God!

My vision for art and worship music has been to aid and usher Special Needs Children into the absolute wholeness Christ intended for them. He sees them as a chosen generation. I believe that through creativity, music, and art, we are able to fully deliver them into their destiny and calling, to share and usher them into their own song and creative deliverance. Whatever it may sound like, or look like.

The Son of righteousness rises with healing in its wings. Through worship, art, and the sound doctrine from God’s very throne, I believe all that it takes is an opportunity. I desire to be one who is able to offer opportunities of a lifetime, for a lifetime of opportunities.

“Music and art are beautiful gifts, God-given to every son and daughter.”
– Cydney Galbraith, Artist, Fashion Designer & Florist