Wowzers! We had our first Loves PURE Light Creative Gym here in Albany, New Zealand today. What perfect place to launch The Bride : Golden Gowns Bridal boutique!  I'm smiling so big... We had such a fun day.

Today Everyone left with a prophetic robe of Royalty that they manifested in the presence of pure love. We all left forever changed.
One of the women came and painted a prophetic silk for all of her five children- She painted two very big gates!! with numbers 8:11- declaring transition and new beginnings she would hug her kiddies with :)
Another woman arrived home from Paris, has been a dancer of the "seven veils" for two years  She painted a silk loaded with peacocks! We all received prayer ,we were able to release complete healing over hepatitis C,  We all painted all silks of pure promise, identity, love, honor value to go hug  the world with. We had time if sharing, testimonies, surprise foot washing, yummy treats flourishing blooms bursting to bloom. These are the days . a promise is forever. Pictures of the colours of pure love today :)


Our Next Creative Gym New Zealand is just requiring a Venue and a date. If you are interested to host one. Please contact