My my my!  So What do you get when you have 45 +  wild spirit filled, hungry for more, chasing after his presence, eager to listen, eager to embrace..., fearfully eagerly willing to walk a life filled with his beautiful exchange? A chosen people walking in identity .The Royal Priesthood. The living reality of Kingdom now: A people called out of darkness DANCING into his marvelous light!

 I have just arrived home from 30 hours of travel from Cape Town South Africa. I am so jet lagged! (Its 4 am here but 12PM in the Cape) Each time I have the opportunity to travel I truthfully testify that “This was the best trip of my life!  Cape Town, you were the trip of my life! I can’t express enough how special it is to be able to travel, but especially special to travel and experience the world through the eyes of God. He never ceases to amaze me. Much dreaming and many words are meaningless (most of the time), rather that I stand in awe of him. Wide eyed. Mystified. May I be just like his child staring at the beauty of the King. May I never lose my wonder. May I never lose my wonder. Yes a trip where the depths of his love has hit a whole new plunder, down under,  his might son of thunder!

 Myself and team of seven others from Canada, Seattle and two other Radical Leaders, Dave and Natasha from Mossle bay SA we had the opportunity to travel to Stellenbosch, SA and host an ILSOM, International Leaders School of Ministry at KCI Church.  It was a week wham bam jam packed full of equipping, sitting, standing, SOAKING and dancing into the realities of Just how good Gods love is for us . And when I say good, I mean GOOD!  I was extremely blessed to be the baby on the team and be ministering with some pretty radical leaders who hosted the school with me.  We had 45 students who never in my life have I left a family of potently, raw and passionate lovers of his presence, They blessed our team with so much love, compassion and sowing into our lives one of the strongest corporate anointing of family and community I have ever felt in my life.

The South African family at Kingdom Church international (KCI) have what I personally believe some seriously direct LOVE portals inside of their hearts from heaven. The are gifted specifically for hospitality and nurture. They fed us and hosted us like Kings and Queens. Never in my life have I had a late night gourmet BBQ called a BRAI where I learned that fish and chicken are actually considered vegetables. I tasted types of meat and barbeque techniques I never even knew existed!

They worshipped with us each and every day and night into one of the strongest waves of refreshment right into the new thing that Jesus is about to do. It is our hunger for him that will change the season! If someone is hungry enough for food, he will do whatever it takes to be not just fed, but satisfied. So if you want positive change in your walks- I suggest get hungry! :) Hunger focuses on abundance. Desperation focuses on lack. We were plunged into a church of extravagant worshipers who worship in spirit and in truth. Worship is not determined by how we feel or emotionalism, but by knowing who he is inside of you and me. ( its uh.. kind of a big deal!)  When we say in spirit and in truth, the most beautiful fountains of worship are released when we are worshiping him from a place of deep intimacy and the continual ongoing revelation of our identity in him. We sang a song: “Come mighty wave of God”. (I have been nonstop singing this song while I sleep at night Iban) The new wave is here. Revival IS here. We must embrace it and not keep asking for it. We just need to embrace it, walk in it, live revived in HIM each day. I am rejoicing once again! It is his promise to us! this is how the fire stays burning, continuously.... (Psalm 85:6)

 I have to say as I weep in tears writing this because of you know when you travel back home, but home still feels like home on the other side of the world. I am missing you all so much KCI and team, your beautiful hearts that beat with the very tenderness and strength of Jesus. This is the purest strength that is to flood the world with his faithfulness and his soothing love goodness!  It’s when the love is this good that healing oil simply just pours out on his people. The healing comes as bi-product when our love for him is just this good. My core value in life is simply this and that is “We just have one life here on earth to show the world just how good he is. We prayed for many people who needed a fresh touch of healing. Big or small miracles he is so able to do. We must not make this the focus, but trust as we begin to love him more. The miracle of healing begins in our hearts, the ministry of healing is part of our inheritance when our hearts are so consumed and right before him.

I came to South Africa with a love tank fully tanked up ready to roll and pour in n love on some pretty incredible people. Many of you know I decided to take a year off from  (BSSM )Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and get out walk on the water a bit and encounter him out in this beautiful world. As always ya ya I set some goals, had some ideas and arrows I shot out at his heart, things I said,  "God I really want to experience you and see you move in a whole new wave this season of my life" but most importantly . I just said : "God I trust you" because have the time I have these wild ideas of what I want to do, but He is my father and he knows what I need all the time. You really can’t guess God! He loves it when we dare to dream. Imagination is the greatest gift he gave us because it really can take you anywhere in the world! He loves it when we use it!  ...(Tonight I asked my friend if we could meet in Paris for a chocolat croissant wink wink)

The stronger we can surrender even our daily needs to him knowing he dresses the birds better then king Solomon- he really does take care of his children. God I trust you know what I need in this area every little detail, God I trust you’re precision for my life. But jeesh.... I blush as I say so; there always is a bigger and better plan. “Stick to the plan... unless you ditch the plan... because truth is... he always has bigger plan"   His ways his thoughts are so much higher then mine! He is such an awesome Dad. It’s so radical when we can love as dangerously as he does. With every risk, comes reward from him. When we say we trust him, we need to trust him that he too has called us to step out, step up and love dangerously. My spiritual father and leader Nico here in Calgary kept saying to me , "Cydney stick your chest out, and speak up! he is proud of you"  ( this is challenging for me sometimes) The more trust we have in his love, the more confidence we have to love in on people the most radical and dangerous ways

 We should be completely wrecked discovering daily our identity in him. It is an ongoing revelation of his love for my life, for your life. From this place I am full enough to pour into others. Too often I think we have talked the talk, but not taken the time to let ourselves walk the walk and live it out the very abundance he has called us to enjoy. He promises with marrow and fatness "My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth shall praise you with joyful lips" Psalm 63:5

 To receive his fullness is to actually soak in the pure presence of him love us the way he has been trying to. He wants to feed us!  If we are hungry then we should not feel guilty when he really is trying to feed us with just how good he tastes! We are all so uniquely crafted; we all have special love tanks in us only he can fill. We must never look around us to justify or try to legitimize (even through our past), our identity in him. Comparison or competition is a root of a poverty mindset. It will always disqualify us or even destruct any creative gift he is trying to impart to us and feed into us. We must take time to receive him, so we can walk into the newness of him each day. Sometimes it takes time for the plumb line to be realigned in us. So many of us have been hurt by perverted doctrines of religion.  A passion for holiness, there is power in your purity, this is how others will see him in us. There is  reason why the angels cry holy all day long. It is because of just how good it is what they see! :) :) Hoooooooooooo :)

We were so blessed to have Bill and Linda Boone from Seattle WA, USA with us who have a ministry all about soaking in the father’s presence. Each and every morning we opened up ministry school with soaking in tuning into hearing what the father says about us. Letting it absorb into our very core and feed our love tanks. The more I wait upon Holy Spirit to reveal this Love to me, each and every day I am fully saturated in walking in it. I am a fully soaked drunken wet sloppy yet silly sponge to the point where the overflow of me walking in my identity (because I know I am loved) will be tangible to others catching the very sweetness of the Fathers Love for their lives. This is what this whole week imparted to me. Just how rich his love is.

I don’t think we will ever be able to understand just how great his love is for you and me, we will try however! It is a continual revelation I must embrace each and every day. God is love, and God is light. There is no darkness in him. He created man and woman in his image and absolute fullness. We have an infinite capacity of pure heavens presence , love alive living inside of us. We must never underestimate the power of influence we can have on a people when we know we are loved this much by the father. And that promise:  when God had saw what he had made in you, he saw perfection! You are complete in him! He said : " Dang I am a good artist!. I just love the color hue or red hair I planted in Rose" or Wow I really crafted the legs on Randy to be this strong and shapely for running those races"...  

 When we are surrounded by a people walking in their identity. It is bound to rub off on us into ours because of a people whose hearts are set on nothing but the riches of his love to fuel and feed our families with the yummy fruit from heaven. The faith communities we choose to surround ourselves with really do matter! For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. Romans 12:3 ( he has given you great faith!)  Therefore, my brothers and sisters, make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble, 2 peter 1:10

This week at ILSOM involved being so surrounded by fully loaded lovers and fully loaded families who know who they are in Christ, and ARE living a life of love out loud. The spirit of compromise HAS to go. This is something I want to share a little bit deeper on. There is a danger of compromise. A people who are not afraid to deal with the dynamics also of doing life with real people.  When the father calls you his, he calls you worthy; HE really means it and treats you as if you are his only child. You are so worthy of his best. When we come in contact with the TRUTH. People, brothers and sisters, families walking in truth. The truth will set you free of any counterfeit or compromise! Jesus does not just give his sons and daughters anything but the best. He prayed and healed people, he made everything brand new, and he brought complete healing and wholeness out of some awfully ugly situations, yes the woman at the well. He gave us new wine skins, he gave us the best wine, he promises us paths drenched in butter and the rock gushing rivers of olive oil. Why do we settle for anything less then what he promises. He just says pick up your mat and walk again! Your sins are washed away, not get on my love bus and lets start changing the world! Everything becomes brand new!

There is a woman in Mark 5:24-34 who had such great faith- the “if I can” type faith. If I can just touch his clothes I will be healed and whole she said. This woman took great risk in this account; she approached Jesus with persistent determined faith. She could have been stoned. But she chose to love dangerously and her faith healed her. She was immediately healed. But the most important line in this account is that Jesus simply said to her “Go into peace” (go into “my shalom”) There is an inner peace he released to her because her identity was released fully into her. She thought she was going for healing, but he gave her so much more. It is only the peace of Jesus that is released that will bring us an indescribable supernatural peace to know who we are in him. The peace that inspires and ensures us we will reach each and every dream he has put on our hearts!

We must never underestimate ourselves or cut ourselves short. When we are willing to give him our worst, this is what truthfully enables our capacity to fruitfully hold his best! We must believe him for his best. It is not the other way around…(give him our best so we can behold his best…. No! ) he is so waiting for us to give him our messy stuff too. Sometimes I wonder if King Solomon, who was a man who had great lust (yet a very passionate lover to of written the book of song of songs) “he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines; and his wives turned away his heart” (1 kings 11:3) Imagine if he really did trust God and remained pure with one wife and a heart sought fully after serving the Lord? He was a man of compromise and never did he receive what he was searching for. “What good is it if someone gains the whole world but loses his soul? Or what can anyone trade for his soul?” Matthew 16:26 Too often we settle for what the world makes realities to look like and tempt us into the second best compromise. The second we turn our hearts from loving him first, we have entered into compromise.  Deuteronomy 28: promises a blessing and inheritance right into our identity as God sees to bless us. This blessing is an ongoing blows your socks off kind of deal! ...."  The Lord your God will bless you with full barns, and he will bless everything you do. He will bless the land he is giving you! " ... you know how good it reads....

 Let My people go, that they may serve Me” (Exodus 8:1) If the Israelites would of listened to him the could have been in the land promised of flowing with milk and honey and peace, But instead they decided to compromise and stay in Egypt a land of slavery for 430 years I am sure it was ok,  and I bet the Egyptians knew how to through a good party or two.  But They never entered into his rest (peace, Shalom) and would have had no idea just how much better and extravagant it could have been on the other side. God wanted to reveal their identity to them by blessing them and loving them. But they wanted to go to Egypt and Party.

 Yeah there is no doubt it can be ugly dealing with our "junk in the trunk", but he promises us the richest treats from heaven to enjoy in exchange for simply being real with issues we all go through in life. Why do we try to hide stuff from him when he already knows everything about us anyhow? The father gives his children wonderful gifts. It comes through knowing our identity in him and what is our inheritance because we are walking in our election and call he has given us... This is why it is called the beautiful exchange. He gives us beauty for his ashes. He never keeps record of our faults, he just wants us to realize just how good his love us for us so he can bless us to bless others and change the world with refreshing waves of his love that launch others into their destiny!

 Well how else can I summarize what I am just throwing out here now: The tangible sense of freedom when you’re surrounded by fully loaded families, brides and bridegrooms, a people whose hearts are fully set on him, hungry for revelation. They know not just who’s they are, but who they are in him. This is the love generation , a creative love movement that will change the world.  There is  desperation media shows us in reality television. People Longing for acceptance or trying to prove transient happiness. His love is worth-manship, not a workmanship you have to earn. You are Worthy of nothing but the best. May this This truth set you so free this very day.  When we come in contact with the truth, embrace it! The compromise has to go!  Embrace it. The simple reality is this : Pure Love. Conquers all. He has called you worthy of this.

“But when perfection comes, the things that are not perfect will end. When I was a child, I talked like a child; I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I stopped those childish ways. It is the same with us. Now we see a dim reflection, as if we were looking into a mirror, but then we shall see clearly. Now I know only a part, but then I will know fully, as God has known me. So these three things continue forever: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love” 1 Corinthians 13:10

Please be patient with my pictures, I have SO many yet to upload on here! :) xo Cydney

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