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Loves Pure Light is a company based out of Calgary, Canada which provides apparel, culinary and floral services all over the world. We are dedicated to the creation of quality hand-dyed silk apparel for men and women. We also host creative gyms which focus on the three schools of creativity: fashion, floral and food.

Pictures from our Prophetic Textile workshop here in Laguna Sept 30- Oct 1


Pictures from our Prophetic Textile workshop here in Laguna Sept 30- Oct 1

Love's Pure Light

 OCTOBER 7 , 2013 INDESCRIBABLE DAY Where simply said we put art back in its place. Art was created for worship. One heart one accord King on his throne. So here are some pictures of the prophetic fashion design team today. Silk skirts, blouses, shawls ect wow, yup.... goodnight.. yup... today was passion well done. Next workshop Thursday October 13th email for details , cost and time

What an awesome time we had here in Laguna Niguel creating with the Master Creator! I Cydney amin a whole new awe and wonder of what hidden treasure is inside of people. Beauty + Mystery = WONDER .  I don't think we even know a mere speck of what creative power we have deep down inside just waiting to be unlocked! Here are a few pictures from the weekend, We are now going to continue on putting together our first Kingdom Quilt of the silk textiles and prophetic fashion designs  that were born this weekend to give it all right back to the giver of it all. Love you guys and cant wait to see you again! Thanks for the incredible fuel to my heart and soul! Cydney