Here it is! Such a treasure to have a first ever Prophetic textile- Kingdom Quilt in our hands! Its been almost two months since Cydney has been down here doing series of workshops at the Vineyard Mercy Arts Studio and teaching prophetic textile design with the most radical lovers who put passion into the living colors we splash! Cydney had everyone create and hand design a prophetic square about identity, truth royalty and love.. She mashed them all together into one big silk quilt or even like a magic carpet. a flying cape.. more then just a prayer shawl.... something that would just carry so much anointing and beautiful presence!! Anyways here it is! (Many of the artists who were part of this are missing from the picture but we got a nice bunch in here! ) Pretty cool eh? I invite you to come have a look at it hangning in the Mercy Arts Studio Laguna Niguel, California.

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