Stay Authentically TRUE to YOU

 Sneak peek of the next new textile Bahama Lamas and Sheep Prima Donnas Spring 2016

Sneak peek of the next new textile Bahama Lamas and Sheep Prima Donnas Spring 2016

“For those who know their God shall carry out great exploits” Daniel 11:32

We live in a new world fast paced everything these days. Sometimes I have to check myself and be reminded that life does actually not revolve around computers. I was not created as a computer, were you?  Forgive me if I missed that at the womb I came out as an R2D2, but why are you living your life as one?  I am a highly gifted spiritual being in a human body. Perhaps my capacity is not what most can carry when it comes to computers and I am not able to multitask communication in four different time zones let alone languages at the same. I find myself sometimes brushing shoulders with someone at school or the grocery store and them just assuming I got the “memo” online.   Maybe I am missing a few buttons?  How about an escape button?

 I always wonder and am curious:  What if one day God really did just pull the plug? People may not even know how to read a map or follow a recipe, soon the next is – how about to forgo driving a car with the next launch of cars that drive themselves! People really are that pressed to manage time.  The amount of brain damage and ADHD, the new “fad “disease of adrenal fatigue has broken out into people has increased at a surpassing rate.  Google the statistic and you will be surprised of many new conditions people are struggling with. It really is just a set up for God to show himself even more absolute in all that he is!  God created structure and order for a reason. He gave us hands and six senses for divine and authentic purpose.  God honors structure so we are able to sustain consistency, routine, balance and order in one’s true self. Man if I could just teach the world how to ride a bike the world would defiantly be a better place!  (Yes I am being cheeky but you know me cycling and mountain biking makes everything better in so many dimensions)

The thing I really want to share that has been so burning on my heart is all about being true to yourself.

Staying Authentically true to yourself in the midst of Chaos.

 Loves Pure Light Bahama Lama Sheep Prima Donna Textile Spring 2016

Loves Pure Light Bahama Lama Sheep Prima Donna Textile Spring 2016

What matters in this life is in the mist of process is that we are continually finding one’s self and allowing yourself to be searched out.  It is too easy just to ride the wave and totally miss what is happening around us and happening inside of our heart. Wait for it, for surely it will come. Chew on it, ride on it so you can savor it and flavor it. You carry your own flavor did you not know?  One of my teachers yesterday Jason Chin had us do this test of eating jelly beans that were either yummy flavored or gross flavored. Only in bible college… An example of some of the jelly beans were peach, or barf. Chocolate or Skunk. We all had to take a bite of the Jelly bean without knowing what Flavor we would taste. Wow what a reaction some people had when they bit into a jelly bean that tasted like rotten egg! Made me wonder what flavor I would bring to the world if I were a jelly bean!

One of the core values of this modern western society is to be “authentically” you. Conforming too much the patterns of leaders today, runs such a risk of being hypo critical to yourself. Doing what is right in your own eyes is equated with being authentic and real.

How do you remain real, true while being a positive influence to those around us?

For us as believers today the question of authenticity and hypocrisy is framed by the bigger question of our true identity. Are we going to be true to our “old self” in Adam or our “new self” in Christ? Are we going to reflect Gods image in the earth or our own fallen nature?

Letting Identity rule and reign in you simply comes from spending time with the one you love most. There is a lot of noise out there today, and in the midst of noise- you got to hold your “poise” …just look up! Lock eyes with the one you love.  Identity is just a bunch of hype until you fully experience God alive in you and knowing not just who you are, but know who’s you are.  

I have this saying and it is, “Nothing is yours until YOU experience it”

 He Lys me down in ripe green pastures. " I am a Bahama Lama"

He Lys me down in ripe green pastures. " I am a Bahama Lama"

You are a son and a daughter of The King of the universe who sits high above all. He calls you his Royal Heir.  It is important that we are speaking life into our self each and every day and read your bible. Read it raw. I challenge you and eat of his words. I have a friend Ankia who is South African and man we worked together in her dress shop in New Zealand, I can tell you there were days when we would have a hot lasagne in the back office to eat a and you know I have seen her eat her bible before she would take a bite of that lasagne!  She is so that passionate for God’s word in her life and in the biggest chaos and stress of running a ball gown shop she would eat her bible! The words he speaks they are Honey to your soul.  

 He has Robed me with Royal Colors. " I am a Sheep Prima Donna"

He has Robed me with Royal Colors. " I am a Sheep Prima Donna"

If we put someone with such a high value in our life- That person being Christ, it really is most important that you hang out with Jesus, and know him: The I AM. Let him love on you the way we say he is. You will realise when you spend time with Jesus he really can make you feel like his one and only child. He will stop the world for you I hope you know!  Distraction and disorder are some of the biggest “goliaths” of this age. Do not compromise what you really value in life.  You must make that commitment to just sit and chill with him. Value time.

How to you Combat being busy?  Don’t just fake it till you make it. Learn to walk and talk your own walk with him. Don’t mask away your life by being busy It is going to look different to everyone. But I challenge you to spend one hour a day with no plugs. Meaning no computers, TV cell phones. Just take your book and bible and write this question: What is God saying to me? Begin to let him communicate with you.  For YOU have an anointing of the holy one. Be a sponge with him.

If we start to multiply something greater then we multiply spiritually. Then we are at a huge risk of creating an idol.  Life is about saving lives and launching people into the sustaining power of the cross for day to day life.  How do you prevent this from happening? Keep Jesus the Centre.  Let him always be your guest of honor.

  He has Sheared my Shags and shaped them into Riches. " I am a Sheep Prima Donna"

 He has Sheared my Shags and shaped them into Riches. " I am a Sheep Prima Donna"

Time to me is the greatest gift, yet we speak it but the reality of today is everyone is cold pressed for just that moment.  I can’t tell you how many excuses people will say like “oh wait until you have kids” Wait until you get married, all of these excuses about being pressed for time and then wasting hours on a phone or computer. Identity comes from spending time with the one you love the most. It is so important slow down, smell the roses and stay true to who you are.  He says do not throw away your confidence it will be richly rewarded. You have access to the world’s most famous and wealthy guest each and every day of your life.

We are educated to carry core values for life and having a personal mission statement for our lives. John 10:10, Jesus declares his own personal mission statement, not only for himself but for us as well.  Jesus tells us his personal mission statement is thatI came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  Elegantly simple.  And the life that Jesus is talking about is today, having an abundant life today, not just in heaven.  Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life.” The life, the abundant life that Jesus gives is not just after the resurrection but today.  His mission is to give us life, and our mission is to have it abundantly

Here in California are surrounded by great leaders, we have great church leaders that share great stories about process. We are able to honor these world class leaders who have gone before us and now created a roof of glory which is now the floor we walk on. It is incredible to see how they have lead the multitudes and have stayed so true to who they are and manifest such powerful core values. They know who’s they are.  I challenge you to continue to press in and write down your core values of what is most important to you.

Is it quality time, motivation, better use of time, income stability, inspiration, purpose and passion, people, clarity?   The list will go on.

 Beach Sheep. Party Sheep that Never sleep...

Beach Sheep. Party Sheep that Never sleep...

The cultivation and crafting of the master artisan at work in our lives is that we truthfully practice what we preach. I think one of the biggest growths in my life this year has been the aptitude to show restraint.  My school is going to Azusa which is amazing event happening in two weeks down in Los Angeles.  I prayed fervently about this and I am so passionate for the vision but I heard God say wait, I also did not have the $2000 CAD to go for the week. So I decided to wait and continue to pray for my team mates who are going and assist with some other creative preparations for the event.

 Keep a watch on your spirit always. “So guard yourselves in your spirit”  (Malachi 2:15)   Usually we are put to great test when all of our buttons are pushed the wrong way and all of your arms tugged  with people asking of you for help, a visit ect.  Perhaps you are in a situation where you may not agree with what the doctor says, or what your leader is encouraging you to do. How do you remain true to yourself yet still honor and serve the authority that is before you? You know it is ok to not agree with everyone. And one of my biggest life lessons this season is that I have put false expectations on people and leaders making false assumptions of how I thought someone might lead or be an encouragement in my life.  God created diversity but he does say we must express honor and esteem towards our leaders.   This is the first season in my life where I have not had a leader intentionally reach out to me. This was  an expectation I had assumed  was that my leader would pursue me and be curious about my heart. Well this did not happen. How do I remain true to myself?  Well definitely don’t take things personally and continue to press in and onward in your walk with Christ.  I am learning iron sharpening iron situations might just bring you to the tipping point of letting one of your branches snap off and allow the father to fully prune you, so the fruit will finally bud in the right direction for the righteous purpose!  “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful!” John 15 Imagine that! Being pruned so you really do busts even more bountiful fruit. But, the truth is. Remain in him. Do not get lazy and try to just sit on someone else’s branch!

 Have you ever prayed for wisdom? Well I laugh… because sometimes when you pray for wisdom of me it has involved learning things the hard way especially when it comes to house work- using the wrong cleaning materials or wisdom how to wash certain types of fabric. I.e.  I can’t tell you how many wool sweaters I have accidently shrunk by leaning the hard way you just don’t wash them in the machine! (My mom is laughing! – The general theme is we will save the new shrunk wool sweaters for the kids when they come!  Usually by doing things the wrong way is how then you learn the right way! Can I get a wink from someone!   Look at King Solomon. How did he gain a heart of wisdom, well by doing many things the wrong way?  Gaining the world through lusts and false loves… yet realising in the end his soul was so void and empty.  But man could he write after all of his life experiences and encounters of great misses. I dream to be able to write as he did such potent powerful golden nuggets in the book of wisdom. Like apples of God in settings of silver.

For me the past nine months It has been the most indescribable and wondrous adventure I made the decision to return for my second year of Bethel school of supernatural ministry here in Redding California.

Prior to this I had left my job and career working as a designer and florist and the Fairmont hotel December 2014, and also as a senior care giver/ chef at a privately owned retirement home in Calgary Alberta, Canada. I then spent the last seven months in New Zealand working with my business setting small goals, building a website,  getting out in the market places and evangelising with my silk fashion designs.   It has officially been now 16 months I have gone without a pay cheque and I have completely trusted God as my support and shield. Sounds fun, well not really. Man what was I thinking… but my greatest challenge has to remain true to who I am when finances are not there and my living conditions have not been like home the way I am used to. How do you stay true to yourself when your put in life situations of stuff you just cant agree with?   It is a test to remain true to yourself knowing Christ in you IS the hope of Glory! The Kingdom of God is within you! You carry it everywhere you go if you realise it or not.

 Sacrifice is good, surrender is greater. But what God wants is obedience to trust him no matter what things look like, feel like sound like. Who has known the mind of the Lord.  Walking on water has helped me pioneer this vision with Loves Pure Light. Not only has God been absolutely sovereign, faithful in the moments I have felt faithless, but he has brought me such comfort and confirmation in the value system of his promises inside of my heart. He has never mislead or forsake me.  Don’t waver in your ways. Stay true to his promise alive in you!

So despite what may be happening around us, it is from Glory to glory we will always move forward in triumphal procession. Sometimes you’re not even carrying yourself, there have been moments where yup…. How did that happen well secret is this: stay true to God- "Lord I know not what do to but my eyes are on you! "

 I think that is the biggest test in our lives is learning to love, but love as you love yourself. The deeper your well of love with Jesus is the deepest you will be able to love another. To me this is how you stay true to who you are in him. The greater your relationship with Jesus defiantly determines how great your relationships will be with others. You have an audience of one if there is one simple vision I could share with you. If every day you had to give an account of your life to Jesus what would that look like? Would you waste as much time as you do on certain things?  You know the truth is, is that we will all have to give an account of our lives to him. He invested eternity into you first. He did this for a specific and authentically divine purpose you are already fulfilling!

So in conclusion, be reminded of these few key points I write:  

  1. Your security rests in whom you believe in and not in what you do. 

  2. We have a decision to make in how we react or respond to something. To you react… or respond knowing that God is God and God is faithful no matter what.

  3. “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ” Galatians 1:10 Your character comes out as you live. Usually when you are put in situations with people you would not want to be around and you somehow have to agree with them. (Ouch)  You are called into a life that your identity in Christ will reign out of you. Just be reminded you are only out to win Gods approval, not man.

  4.  Do not ever compromise what is most important to you. Stay true to yourself and who you are in Christ.   Do not just copy and paste what everyone else is saying or doing to fill space. Live your own story. Live your own life and most importantly walk your own walk hand in hand with the Father.

  5. Be prepared to make mistakes and have compassion for yourself if you break. I love a woman or man who cry’s. Cause I am a tear jerker too. I think tears show truth. This is why God invested in you. He takes imperfect pieces of clay, he cuts stones and gems and sculpts them into unique radiant shapes and sizes so we shine multi-dimensional when his glorious light beams on us! His strength truly is made perfect in our weaknesses. This is why we have God our great father in Heaven!

  6. Stay Passionate! He knew the passion he put inside of you, but… he owns it first! This is the most attractive quality I see in someone .One who is completely relentless in their pursuit and passion with God. Remain confident in who you are!  Shine in such a way because you know you have this hope and depth in eternal life. Eternity rules and reigns inside of you!

  7. Stay seasoned. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing well than for doing evil” 1 Peter 3:15-16

  8. You are salt and light   John 3:19 They lovedthe darkness rather than the light;  for their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

  9. God looks at the heart. Be reminded above all it is what is in your heart ! God sees and this and this is what we want people to experience through us. A pure heart that sees people and perspectives as God wants us to see! 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

  10. Never Under estimate your stance. To Fear God as the great I AM is authentic! Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feared the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE IN HIM. Stand Firm, let nothing move you! You carry authority and power that illuminates truth. This is the magnetic power of Jesus that will launch you … The Father’s rocket ship in the righteous direction for nothing but success! What does success look like? Simple Radical Friendship with God in all that you do!






 After   next STAY TUNED...

After   next STAY TUNED...

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