I had the opportunity to visit an incredible country which has been on my heart since 2007. AUSTRALIA.  I was honored to travel and be a part of the Bethel Church in Redding California Heaven in Business team which has been birthed by,  New Zealander Andy Mason and co leader of the trip was Australian Steve Beaumont. These men hands down are the world’s top leaders in Kingdom Business. They demonstrate how to partner with Godin life and in the workplace. These men are all about the fathers Business. I knew from the day I met Steve Beaumont I wanted him to mentor and father me this year, his extended invitation for e to join this trip really touched my heart in an impeccable measure. My great Gods intuitive attention to always knowing just what his children need in any given moment. We have such a good father.   I am his favorite. Have you ever felt that way?

Everyone of my close friends knows I have been praying for Australia for a long time ( since 2007 ) I laugh cause sometimes I forget my name is Cydney, (which is the Capital of Australia) so the blessings I received to follow this dream really touched my heart.  It was so awesome to sit under my favorite leaders and hear how these men demonstrate such radical lifestyle releasing the Kingdom in all that they do. We hosted The Heaven in business conferences in Melbourne, Albury and Tasmania. I was so humbled to be the only second year BSSM student taken to Australia with another Business owner from Redding, and another BSSM alumni . I was given the opportunity to pour out my heart and pray into so many wonderful hungry people in many different industries. A peculiar people so hungry and expectant for God to move through the business realms and the realities of day to day life. There is just so much more we must always ensure we thirst to experience and encounter.  This trip opened up an entire new sphere for Jesus to shine his radiant light though my life and this testimony of how he continues to move in my life. This trip for me hands down was the most incredible adventure of my life. There is not one thing about the time I was given to be in Australia I can say in a lower light except I cried having to get on the airplane and return back to America last week. I would do anything to return to this part of the world. ( Canada your still number one, but Australia you have won my heart)  What is the definition of success? To demonstrate Radical Friendship with God in all that you do!

 Andy speaking in Albury at the Conference.

Andy speaking in Albury at the Conference.

I arrived first Feb 16th in Melbourne where I had a few beautiful days downtown to myself to adjust to the time change. I stayed  with one of my leaders  beautiful daughters Kiah. She took me downtown Melbourne along the river and we enjoyed some great time hanging out having some drinks in this beautiful downtown core.enjoyed some real food and it was just nice to catch up with a woman who is a business professional with quite a story. She today is just a bit younger than me and today Kiah the only female in a male dominated industry is a success today working in construction and building development in Melbourne. I miss her dearly. She gets to serious business this is for sure and can she drink. :)

 HUGGING DOCTOR ALFEEN at her Daintree Medical Centre her and her lovely husband have birthed

HUGGING DOCTOR ALFEEN at her Daintree Medical Centre her and her lovely husband have birthed


My most favorite part about the trip was definitely been given the the platform to speak and share my Life. I was an early bloomer growing up very fast in a private country golf club community, having a life launched earlyinto professional sport and dealing with so much performance driven motives, “being good but never good enough”  ended in very destructive behaviors and self-condemnation simply because of identity theft and just not knowing who I was. During my younger years trapped inside of a self centered professional athletes body. My life of extreme sport and sacrifice all for having to work and maintain your name and status to “be great”  and having to keep  eventually it great resulted in several near death episodes where my life and my innocence was taken away. Though I won’t reveal it all, the rest is coming in a movie – (you will just have to meet me in person.) I rebelled into a life of short lived partying and sin which resulting with myself and another woman being kidnapped and entrapped for three days in a Mansion outside of Vancouver, Canada July 2007 . We were gang raped and brutally beaten and sexually abused by a Middle Eastern gang of Persian men. Just months before this I was a champion for my country and had titles and jerseys on the wall et ect ect.  I had  I was that prodigal daughter who wanted to know what life was like outside of a daily regimen and routine of organized structure and no freedom.  Well all sin has its cost. but there is no mess that is too big for God to help clean up, through angelic encounters and a face to face encounter with Jesus. Love saved my life.   Mercy will always triumph over judgement, I was no angel this is for sure.   If it was not for my incredible praying parents, my beautiful mother who consistently wrote me prayers and  love letters to me. It was my mother’s prayers and letters that were my connection to Jesus in those moments where I wanted to take my life so many times,  being frustrated and very angry at God. I always questioned why me?  I did not have any faith and you are reading from  a woman who wanted nothing  do with God.  Man... My life today now nine years later , has resulted in one of the greatest love story of all , being a daughter fallen only into the mighty arms of my loving father God. It is he who continues to sustain me and continually set me free from the fear of man.  My journey  has been nothing but an adventure and great discovery seeing life through an entire new lens of pure love that will never fail us. He has me and he has promised me a mighty hope and a Future. I am a living miracle. He makes all things new and I am so grateful that today I am a living and breathing hope to so many people who continue to pray for sons and daughters to know Jesus Christ as a daily savior. One thing I can always encourage another ishe is an extreme God.

Amazing time Sharing my story at the Wellspring Healing Centre in Wodonga, Australia lead by Paula and Graham Connelly

In Australia this past month, my heart was so quenched simply to be able to share just what God has done for me and also my family, parents still married 41 years till this day, and my biggest joy, the promise I hold fast to a family soon to come in my life.  That is my biggest dream today is simply to be a mom and have a family which I will feed around the most extravagant table of the Lord.


Being here traveling with the world’s most incredible Kingdom business team. These very intelligent, powerful and successful leaders yet was able to stand next to them and share about my life just a mere breathe of what they themselves have grown to be today . To share about my athletic hardships which has resulted today in such significant worth ship into a life of worship. You know for once it was nice just to throw away my “tool” belt of the trades and titles I have accomplished in my life and just be Cydney. Its so easy to hide behind our skills set and gifts.  It was so awesome to share the raw version of who I really am deep down behind all the stuff. People really want to know you are transparent which costs you nothing. But when your vulnerable with people  this will always costs you something. You know I say it myself that we still do live in a “show off” culture self-promotion and wanting to keep up with technology. Though it is meant to save time, it is constantly consuming our time.  It becomes too easy to mask what is hiding deep down in the beautiful tender hearts God has given us. He has given us all a unique beauty we can unleash for another to encounter.  Digging deep with people and being able to plant one of your seed in the soil of another. You know it is in the midst of process and being ok with that, that the promises really do come alive. We will experience Jesus being unveiled in new spheres of faithfulness in our lives. What he starts in our life he will finish. The truth is about life it is not how we start but how we finish and we are bound to finish strong!


 A really special testimony was In Albury, I was hosted in a home with some of the most soothing hearted people I have ever met. Rebecca and Chris Myers not only did we go Mountain biking pretty much every day. Rebecca: such a raw and down to earth woman with also a world changing story. Dang she can make some pretty serious homemade bread and on that thought there is nothing more comforting to someone as myself who comes from a family of bread Bakers, good bread till this day is one of the most challenging food staples that for some reason it’s just hard to find good bread. My time with the Myers resulted in definite good food and great mountain bike rides up Nail Can Hill.

I was intimately touched to be able to spend time with their daughter Tarni-Lee who has been diagnosed with Cerebral palsy. One of the burdens on my heart is for special needs children, knowing we are all Gods special needs children. I hung out with Tarnie-Lee – We together made some serious banana bread one day, and another day I was able to teach her some of my favorite worship songs. On Thursday February 25 Tarnie-lee came to the Wellspring Healing Rooms with me, I was part of the Bethel Team and we ministered to the people this evening. I believe in my heart she will be completely healed. I do believe this is Gods will for her life. I have never seen a child sing and thank the Lord like I did that night all from being able to just stir up the holy spirit inside her and give her time to release and sing from her heart to the Lord. To see this woman, Tarnie-lee thank him for touching her and healing her. I continue to pray for Tarnie and I Miss Tarnie dearly. I know when I return to Australia she will not be the same woman I knew when I left. God is faithful and what he starts he will finish. Rebecca and Chris have such tender hearts and I will always remember how they welcomed me into their beautiful home and championed me into taking a risk with a new found relationship and trust.

The rest of my trip resulted in more mountain biking, even a group ride put on for my by the Cycle station Albury guys! Man did I feel special in fact almost as a celebrity once again in the cycling world. My fitness is not quite tuned as it used to be when I was a professional cyclist, but man can these guys shred!  We lead a business and prayer activation through a doctors surgery room and very God planted private health care facility in Wodonga. We had an incredible time up at the Culcairn Harvest lands Church where again this wonderful group of people with such a strong nurture and peace to listen and wait upon the move of the spirit.    I was able to pray and release creativity in the marketplace in this lovely town and share about my creative vision for the creative renaissance of God to move through hospitality, culinary and fashion design. I continue to believe that with the relationships I have connected with, that I will be back to visit these beautiful servants who also are stewarding kingdom businesses and loving people just so well.  They are just so and hungry to demonstrate the supernatural partnership of Jesus in the workplace oil is flowing in this house. The Harvest lands crew has a boutique, gift shop and café in Calcairn, Australia.  I was grateful to have my kingdom product and Loves Pure Light Silks now launched into my first two Australian stores during this trip. I am so grateful for doors that opened for me without a knock.

The last hunk of the trip I journeyed on to Tasmania where Steve and I ministered in Stanley. We had lost half of our team by this point due to them flying home to America.  It is amazing what God can do in just 48 hours. We had such a lovely time pouring into the peoplehere. Man it’s so amazing when we can just encourage another with the faith we have and why! Once again such a hunger... and when you are hungry… God really does feed you! The Fisher family hosted us fed us well and loved us oh so well. I was pretty exhausted by this point, but times like this you just suck it up and Go for it! I loved the youth and it was fun to dance with them late night down the Stanley streets singing and looking at the clusters of stars in the pacific sky.  My biggest dream still is that I will be able to come back to Australia so I am going to and I will always continue to love on this nation with every ounce of all that I am!  We did a really awesome business activation in a five star steak house restaurant in Stanley. We prayed inside of the business and were able to spend some quality time pouring into the Chef, mother and husband running this newly taken over venue. Great coffee! I was kidnapped for the afternoon and taken up the famous “Nut” Yes I climbed the nut. Which is Stanley’s famous mountain which really does look like a nut! See picture.

One secret about the trip I have to brag about is I was set up on a blind date by a mother whom I prayed for.  Yes I am blushing. I met an extraordinary Man who took me out for a nice evening in Albury Australia.  I miss him already and I hope I can spend time with my new friend again. I will say no more because the rest is in God’s hands.


You know what God wants is our lives, not just our strength. The biggest muscle in your body is your heart and that should always be the starting point. Yes every single part of our being starting with the heart beat in collaboration with his- this really needs to be the centre of it all. God knows the strength he gave us, he really is for us. He loves what we love and he gave us the desires and passions for a purpose. My biggest advice is don’t be ashamed of your desires or passions, the things and dreams you long to do. God is for you!

People really want to know what it is behind you that makes you,  you! People should be suspicious of your sustainability and consistency in being strong, courageous and radially raw at times. People need to know about the hope and the anchor you have for your soul.  I say it again... God he really is for us! He wants our passions to be all part of the pursuit of our God given assignment so we can lead others along with us.  We get to live this love so out loud, here in life.  Don’t shrink back give your story out loud, this is why he crafted you. You are his weapon for the world!  One of my mandates and favorite sayings is that you can never out give God. But we can defiantly try!  He wants our story to shine for him so that others will see the life we live for him and give glory back to the father- and show the world that God is such a unique God who is for us! God wants us to use our voice to fountain out for others to be quenched and stirred to follow him every day of their lives. God does not want us just what we can do with our hands or brains- … though he honors that too and will use it.  God wrote your story before you were even in the womb of your mother, God had your destiny and identity before you were even conceived. Jesus gave you one of the World’s most unique names and adventures simply for you to share it to the world and he will always provide the grace to do so!


 As yes as I continue to babble on I will just say this,  The biggest highlight of the trip for me was being able to share the behind the scenes version of my life unleashed. What makes me Cydney today and yes I definitely will testify I am much still in a beautiful progress.  My heart is revived and as he promises so, he would revive us so that we rejoice in him again and… again! He who refreshes others will also be refreshed! What really matters is people who are in it for the long haul. I want to see generations of sustained awakening where people fully understand the honey oozing from the rock goodness that God is so for them. God is for their dreams. Each and every day let’s just be real, come out of hiding be sustained in love because you know who’s you are, not just who you are! Be sustained in joy and sustained in the peace which surpasses all understanding.  You must never forget just how far you have come. The second you forget to reflect, you have trash canned the wonder and mystery in progress. So enjoy living out the dream. I champion you to sit back and reflect on his faithfulness in your life. Remember the best wine comes from the fruit being crushed, pressed and then aged. Like a fine wine, it just gets better with time. Remain in him. We must remember first on the list of “love is”:   Love is patient”

I will close on that. Just remember when you have to make your name great at something, you have to keep it great. But when God makes you great he keeps you great. When you are working at maintaining your title, you’re the one manifesting such human strength to keep up with the last score, maintaining the last race last title, maintaining your social status... ECT. It is amazing what we can do in our own strength. But… when God makes you great... He keeps you great! There is no turning back to strive on performance. Just stay passionate about God being so for your dreams! Your life is the treasure in the palm of his hands and he has promised you to be a success in everything you do!  Let the process unfold and flower in the life and destiny of another. Burn so another will catch your flame.  Time spent to invest even if it is just five minutes to someone might mean a lifetime of worth to them. Time is something we can never get back and to me it is the greatest gift and treasure of all.


Australia the beautiful pacific region once again, you have won my heart.



Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal….But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”  



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