What an absolute honor to be a part of this team of  International designers for the first ever prophetic fashion show at the 2016 Bethel School of Creativity in Redding California ! I have now returned home to Canada from America. I stand in a whole new awe of what a life and friendship with Christ is. That is in the realms of color, fashion and now tapestry of business.

Theresa Dedmon is the leader of Bethel Creative arts and Create Supernatural. She hands down is one of my heroes because of the passion she carries to see the world painted in the very unseen colors of heaven! Theresa Dedmon, she has been hosting the Bethel School of Creativity for a few years now and from what I understand this year was the FIRST EVER prophetic fashion show that has ever been done.

What is Prophetic fashion? What is a prophetic fashion show? The spirit of prophesy is the testimony of Christ. This prophetic fashion show was created so that all would be touched and encounter revelation of Gods great love intimately and articulately for ones life and destiny.  Can I say awe struck wonder?  For in him we are a new creation. This show was about transformation, and process.  Not only did we design it. We lived it. We all served night and day, dreaming to reality to make this a success!  What better way to describe a culture of love and life when you have over dozen anointed designers, and models  in pure love all serving together From a place of identity. Identity meaning:  We know not just who we are. But we know WHOS we are. Sons and Daughters of God and Christ the King.  Everyone had motivation to impact and influence the world through this show, and it amazes me there is power in unity and presence. It is God who rewards us, not man. To see such passion evolve together in divine design.  Knowing intuition , reverence , fearing God that to make him smile so bright that our designs would reflect his very face! Poise and position of heart is most important and the most beautiful thing about this team working in such extravagant unity was that we all designed for this show from love, knowing we are loved. We don’t work or serve for love. We served FROM LOVE. Together. Knowing that the motivation is Identity.  This show we wanted identity to be revealed in ALL and that Gods love would be encountered by our creativity for this show that’s what we owe the world an encounter with Gods great love! Now This is prophetic fashion!

During my last year here at Bethel Bible College, I was incredibly stretched. I was scared out of my mind to even consider taking a fashion design class with the world’s best…. But yup I took a risk and I was saturated in realms of unseen color. Thanks to Emma Hawthorne from the United Kingdom, a former high end lingerie fashion Designer for Anne Sommers and working for Daughters of Cambodia for many years, sacrificed a year of her radical life and came over to Redding, California to be our leader! Emma poured everything she carried in the fashion design industry and of her heart into us up and coming hungry designers. Each and every Monday morning at 7:45 am she was there prompt ready to ripen us want to be designers and wake us up with a bit of fashion pizazz ….:) seriously...     It was a full year that’s for sure and I stand in a whole new awe from powerful women as Emma. She might just be one of the strongest women I have ever met. And she makes proverbs 31 solid. The patience, the position of her heart always to challenge and inspire. One of my favorite sayings is that “true leaders inspire, not manipulate” After sitting a year under Emma who is now one of my friends I truly can say she has inspired me to just trust God and what he has put inside of me even when sewing and the stitching part about fashion design may not be my “forte” Emma Hawthorne left such a deposit of heaven in all of us to be that rocket ship launching out after this show and year with her.


I have attached below pictures of each prophetic fashion design. We as a team designed for the fashion show but I really take no credit, it goes to Emma who organized and had such patience and poise to keep us all together….  The theme was transformation and you will read about the description of each meaning.  

One thing I am grateful is that  Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks ,  we were able to hand paint many of the silk textiles that were to be sewn with, as you can see the butterflies were something required more articulate detail in design again props to emma..). We hand painted the silk wings in some of our prophetic textile workshops

I have posted a link to the video also of the show if it is of interest to watch. Anyways the best is still yet. It was such a beautiful move. This will be the Kingdom Renaissance. Wait for the rippling effect i

<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ftheresadedmonministries%2Fvideos%2F1238533109505211%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>


The Rose: Intimacy, Romance, Beauty. Passion, Chosen, Loved. You are at the center of Beauty, all God’s attention is on you. He is sanctifying your mind, the rose represents a covering filtering the thoughts that can enter your mind, keeping out lies. Jesus blood-Sanctification of our souls. The leaves are for healing lower back/hip/ back issues Designers: Emma Hawthorne, United Kingdom  and Eleanor Kyriakou , Cypress/ Australia

Poppy: This flower resembles a poppy and sends the message " Remember your hero Jesus. the battles He has won on your behalf , the passion of His love and the fire He has set ablaze in you. Walk in His love, good works and victory. These bright red and orange flowers attract our eyes like we want to gaze at the camp fire and dream. It brings joy and opens doors for new dreams . Jesus gives us this as we gaze at Him joy unspeakable and hope for the future. The child like nature of the skirt , the feminine and delicate nature of the netting reflect bold , yet delicate effects God works through His daughters. Designer: Diane Gretzinger, Canada

The Rainbow Butterfly You are set free, you have been through a season of transformation and now it’s time to flutter gracefully into your freedom. You have been faithfully patient in the waiting and the trials, now it’s a new season, a season to reap what has been sewn, a season to receive the rainbow promises. Healing for people with difficulties using arms and legs. Designer: Miss Emma Hawthorne,  United Kingdom

Pink Flamingo Feathers: The healing process… The process of making this was really messy, feathers everywhere. This spoke to me about being in process as we heal from something, opening the bag of feathers, like opening up our hearts, sometimes it’s messy, not pretty…but in the end it can make something so beautiful that is supposed to be seen. Flamingo’s feathers are bright pink when they live in a natural habitat, are healthy and when they are in community, but if a flamingo lives in isolation or in captivity it’s feathers can become pale pink or white. The same goes for allowing God to heal us - we will get our bright beauty back!! Be released into re-claiming your true colours… God restores beauty and colour. Designer: Miss Becca Silva, USA

Butterfly cocoon – Launching off… You have a destiny and a purpose that you have been created for. God has been preparing you for your destiny. You have such strength and called for a great adventure. Now is your time to launch. It’s time for the world to see the beauty you were created to create… Designer: Olivia Clifford, Colorado USA

The Bride: Veil: This represents us as the Bride of Christ, a Bride of Beauty. It also represents how we should view others; through the eyes of Jesus who see's everyone as so worth it. It shows the softness of God's heart. The Gemstones represent the hidden treasures of God that sometimes are not visible right away, but impact us for a lifetime. We as his children catch his light just as the Gems do. Necklace: This Necklace makes the heart completely covered in flowers, God wants to possess us with his presence and his love. There is more than enough for everyone! Designer: Samantha Wall, Germany

Leaves and Flowers: God has a garden full of leaves and flowers that are not like the ones on earth. The ones we have here right now is only a couple of varieties that is also in heaven. The leaves and flowers can talk and they have colours we don't have on earth yet! He is calling forth a new generation to dive into the mysteries of God and find ways to create those colours on the earth! We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us! Nothing is impossible, dream big and create! Designer: Irene Nilsen, Ireland

Butterfly Hat God's peace bathes over the mind and chases away confusion and lies. It brings revelation and clarity. We host God's presence. When we step out and walk we see the fruit of our mind being renewed. It's fun to walk, like floating on a cloud. Blue represents peace being renewed to minds. Designer: Cathy Rudman, United Kingdom

Azuza Birds of Paradise Made from 8 t-shirts worn by BSSM students at the Azuza Now event in April. God wastes nothing from our pasts; he is purposeful. We are hemmed in by God, he has our back. Life is a roller coaster and God is our safety. Back is covered in the glory of the Lord - healing for back problems. God is more real and alive. Smell the flower and be healed. Breaker anointing for healing of the brain. Never give up - sometimes God only releases answers in heaven. People will be catapulted out of pea-pods. Designer: Cathy Rudman, United Kingdom

Extravagant, Abundant roses I felt like the Lord was saying that each flower represents a truth about Him which has been planted in me. In these truths, the beauty of who I am in Him has been revealed. The verse, “I am a rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys”. (Song of Songs 2:1), captures some of this truth as the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys were flowers commonly found in Israel. I think that Solomon’s bride might have been saying that she saw herself as an ordinary flower. However, Solomon replied “Like a lily among the thorns is my darling among the young women”. In other words, she was extraordinary. Isaiah 54 I also felt that the Lord was saying that we reflect God’s beauty. He is in each intricate detail of who we are. His love for us is extravagant. Designer: Anne McLary, Australia

Adorned Butterfly Wings YOU WON’T BE DISSAPOINTED. This outfit is a representation of a man of Christ: Solomon, David dancing and singing, Joseph who dreams and Jesus who is pure Love and Compassion. The Green represents life afresh. Purple = royalty and depth. Black = solitude. Many textures represent a tapestry of life and adventures, a multi-layering of beauty. Coins represent clanging sounds of heaven, the riches of God belong to us. When we meet Jesus we are never disappointed, He will take your breath away. 1 Kings 10. Designer: Cydney Galbraith, Canada

Birdcage: Like the Bird is set free from a age, to be free to fly where God created it to be, your freedom is coming. Freedom is coming for voices. The thing that has kept you trapped will be your greatest victory. You were created for such a time as this. Fly free… Designer: Olivia Clifford, Colorado USA

Bird Wings The Wings are being given to you, to take off, and fly into your dreams and destiny. Nothing is holding you back. The many colours represent the richness and vibrancy of what God will be creating in and though you. You will be flying into dark places where the kingdom of Heaven is to be claimed back, but will never be alone, you are surrounded by the powerful and beautiful protection of The Lord. The enemy can’t harm you as you are covered in protection when you take light into the darkness. “I will cover you with my feathers, and under my wings you will find refuge” Psalm 91:4 Designer: Lauren Berg, Oregon USA

The Peacock: Purpose, awe, identity, striking, alluring, spectacular. You have authority to take ownership of your beauty. As you pursue God, God is pursuing you like peacock shows off it’s beauty and feathers to be pursued. It is time to be seen, you are being launched into who you were created to be. Designer: Emma Hawthorne, United Kingdom



I want to include some thank you to many of my good friends and sisters who truly have inspired me through this year:

Emma Hawthorne: Not even sure where to start. You have a mantle on your life that realistically the world will always be your oyster.

Diane Gretzinger: You are a nurture to this world. Mothering nations and always setting the standard of what pure love and patience is. You set and you live such a life of covenant well in all you do. The poppy is a remembrance flower and even you designing this represents you will always be remembered .God will repay you for all that you do so get ready sweet one :)

Emily Harris an incredible Fashion writer from the United Kingdom. Her words are like honey as she writes tapestry master pieces from heaven

Petra Baaker, Author and Fashion Designer from the Netherlands a mother of Fashion and faith who stood by me this entire year

Anne Mclary, from Brisbane, Australia.  Such an inspiration to me. She is probably one of my most favorite designers and I just can’t wait to see where God will take her. She designed the rose train gown for the finale of the fashion show see picture below.

Lauren Berg, From Oregon United States of America. She is a business women and designer with one of the greatest senses of humor. I miss her already!

Samantha Wall, from Germany. Her designs are so prophetic that she literally lives them out. She represents the bride of Christ with her humility grace and great heart always listening to God and then designing from secret place encounters with Christ.  I was so grateful to have her help me and she who was gave me a big push from heavens heart beat this entire year

xo Cydney