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Loves Pure Light is a company based out of Calgary, Canada which provides apparel, culinary and floral services all over the world. We are dedicated to the creation of quality hand-dyed silk apparel for men and women. We also host creative gyms which focus on the three schools of creativity: fashion, floral and food.

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Fancy Silks In Loving Color Collection

Loves Pure Light LUXURY Silks are 100% Pure SATIN Hand Painted Design originals By Cydney Mariel Galbraith now produced by our Dream Team in Canada and New Zealand. Each prophetic silk has an inscribed promise of truth, identity, and royalty on each unique and authentic fashion piece. When you are sowing into a promise  you are sowing into your very own destiny. A Loves Pure Light promise Is forever. LET YOUR WORDS SHAPE YOUR WORLD.  Beauty has risen. It is time to arise and shine!

When I wear my Loves Pure Light Luxury Silk I feel like a Superhero! Cydney educated me how to tie it as a prophetic cape, I now take my silk with me that has psalm 91 inscribed on it. I am reminded throughout my day that angels watch over me and every step I take! Thank you Cydney for Creating such majestic art I can wear and share with the world!
— Ruby Tonie, Redding , California USA
In each promise inscribed on the silk, I feel almost an angelic presence. I LOVE my Loves Pure Light Luxury Silk shawl it is so soft on my skin
— Jasmine Steward , UNITED KINGDOM